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Code is Coming…

 Week One at Enspiral Dev Academy

It’s real. It’s a thing. It’s a real thing!

I’ll provide some context.


Earlier this year I signed up for Dev Academy; New Zealand’s first programming bootcamp. It follows the curriculum of Dev Bootcamp, the original coding bootcamp based in San Fran, USA. If you don’t know much about the coding bootcamps, they’re pretty big in the States and this is where I was planning to move to in order to attend one. They’re known for their intensity, demanding nature and successful alumni. A lot boast very impressive placement rates as well as tidy graduating salaries.


Enspiral Dev Academy is the spawn of several motivated and experienced Enspiral members and the academic model Dev Bootcamp (DBC). It’s one approach to not only fill the shortage of programmers in New Zealand, but also offer those interested in programming a structured learning...

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